New Dairy Products that are Lactose Free

If you have been avoiding dairy due to lactose intolerance, this is your re-entry point! 

YQ by Yoplait is a new product that will hit the shelves this summer! The product not only tastes great but it is also good for you! YQ has a smooth and silky texture and has less sugar than conventional Greek Yogurts as it starts with ultrafiltered milk. The result is 1 gram of sugar, 17 grams of protein, and a 99% lactose free product. Three facts many love to hear: More Protein, Less Sugar, Lactose Intolerant. If you have been avoiding yogurt, now might be the time to come back!

HINT: I enjoyed mine plain and with fresh organic strawberries. I could not tell that the sugar was reduced. I always enjoy my yogurt with cinnamon to add in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, reduce blood sugar.

CorePower by Fairlife is a lactose free high protein milk shake that is perfect for recovery after exercise. The products contain essential amino acids, calcium, and protein to refuel, recharge, and rehydrate the body.

HINT: I like to add some diced fruit and blend Core Power into a smoothie when I want "just a bit more".  

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