A Gluten Free Breakfast with a Fusion of Flavors

When the weather is in the summer is at its peak, I prefer a cool breakfast! I prefer to keep it simple on a hot day. I tend to turn to Greek Yogurt as my breakfast "blank canvas" and I create my masterpiece from there. I purchase PLAIN LOWFAT Greek Yogurt so I can customize the flavor profile and control the sugar that I have each day.

I do not stop using the oven or stove on hot days. If I need to do any baking, I do it after breakfast when the house is still cool! I love to cook and do not let the outside temperature stop me from eating healthy, real food!

I follow a simple formula to create my breakfast, then I add variety based on the format:

1 cup FRUIT + 1 cup GREEK YOGURT + 1 TBSP FLAVOR (or honey) + 1/2 cup SEEDS/NUTS/GRANOLA

I have found that the riper the fruit, the sweeter it is. If I wish my breakfast to be a bit sweeter one day than another, I dice my fruit and warm it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

My favorite flavor to add is cinnamon as it helps reduce blood sugar and diabetes runs in my family. I also enjoy adding ORGANIFI RED JUICE to my yogurt along with red berries for an antioxidant boost!

HandfullsSnacks Fusions are a great addition to yogurt for breakfast. Pictured here is DENALI MOUNTAIN MIX on top of Greek Yogurt and Peaches! I did not add flavor to my yogurt as the Denali Mix provided the flavor (and texture) boost!

NOTE: This could be made into a dessert by adding some honey and/or a few gluten free chocolate chips to the add-in mixture. 

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