A New No Sugar Added Nut Butter in Town

Love finding products that have NO SUGAR ADDED! Since diabetes runs in my family, I try to find TASTY ways to eat healthy.

One place I look to avoid added sugars is in nut butters. I found Legendary Foods Peanut Butter Cup Peanut Butter recently and ENJOY it! who does not like CHOCOLATE and PEANUT BUTTER? 


After my workout yesterday, I added some to a rice cake and topped it with pepitas and hemp seeds. The flavors and textures were satisfying and it was a great recovery snack. Decorate your bread or rice cake with a smiley face or pattern and make it fun for a child too!  (TIP: Let a child "top" it to join in the healthy food preparation to make cooking and eating healthy fun. See picture below for an idea posted before.


We are all looking for the secret to aging gracefully. I believe Life is a canvas; a masterpiece waiting to be created through food, fitness, family, and friends. 



NOTE: All of the Legendary Foods flavor profiles are unique, I cannot wait to use each one in recipes and share with you!

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