Blogfest 2018 ... Fitness, Food, Friendships, and Learning

BlogFest at IDEAWORLD 2018 was an amazing experience! I believe in the saying, everything is better when you can share it with another person! I was lucky to be able to share my time at BlogFest with a great friend.

BlogFest provided both of us an opportunity to meet, learn from, and begin to collaborate with others! It was inspiring to be in a room filled with people who share your passions and goals! Our great speakers provided their insight, experience, and motivation. Casual conversations with one another provided connections to our blogging communities.

San Diego 

San Diego was a great host city with the convention's location near the airport. The downtown area was walkable and provided many options for restaurants and entertainment.


Blogfest was past of IDEAWORLD 2018. When not attending BlogFest workshops, we had the opportunity to attend the EXPO and IDEAWORLD classes. The classes were opportunities to experience new trends in the industry and learn from experts; they were a blast! Thanks Frog Fitness for the workout and being one of our sponsors!


Many of the bloggers at blogfest focus on food as well as fitness. I loved our presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors at the EXPO. Each came with a wealth of knowledge to share with us so we could get the message out to our audience. I want to thank Be Better Bars for the extra bars they gave out to us. Not only were there enough for us to try each flavor, but we were given extra to give out to people in our classes or as an online giveaway. I used the bars as an incentive in class during the month of July.

I am so excited that California Almonds gave us a cute tin to store a serving of almonds (23). I now carry one tin in my purse and one in my yoga mat bag (instead of the almonds in Ziploc Bangs I had been using) so I always have a healthy snack if I need it!

California Almonds inspired me to make a batch of gluten free almond granola. Read my recipe for Gluten Free Almond Granola ... Start Your Day the California Almond Way!

PreCon to PostCon

BlogFest started in advance of our gathering in San Diego. We had a great opportunity to participate in an online learning PreCon. The speakers were top notch and I want to give a shout out to each and every one of them. I learned so much about blogging and gaining an audience through each person's perspective. A goal I have for the rest of the year is to learn more about PodCasts and to incorporate Facebook Live and Instagram Stories into my blogging. If you do not already, follow me on Instagram @healthyrecipevariations.
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