Handfulls Snacks ... Enjoy by the Handful or in Your Favorite Recipe

I have fallen in love with Handfulls Snacks! Their Crunch Bites line of products are great to enjoy BY THE HANDFUL or to add to salads for some extra CRUNCH and protein!

Crunch Bites add a rice cracker shell, a crunch, to the California Almond! They come in a variety of flavor profiles for you to enjoy!

Crunch Bites or Fusions can be added to a salad to add flavor and texture. The image below shows adding a HANDFUL of Crunch Bites to a salad! Read my recipe for A Simple Salad With A Crunch.

Handfull Snacks Fusion line of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are great BY THE HANDFUL as well as used in recipes! They come in a variety of flavors, savory and sweet! I have enjoyed baking Fusions into gluten free breads, sprinkling them on my Greek Yogurt for breakfast, adding them to salads, and adding them to fried rice. The possibilities are endless! The flavors are superior! 

I enjoy adding Fusions to recipes. I made Strawberry Nut Bread using CABO CATAMARAN CRUNCH and created a gluten free bread that was moist, flavorful, and satisfying!

Breakfasts can be made magical with the addition of Handfulls Snacks.  A Gluten Free Breakfast with a Fusion of Flavors includes Denali Mountain Mix with adds great flavor and texture at the start of a HOT day!

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