Everyone WANTS Be Better Protein Squares, Don't They?

Everyone WANTS Be Better Protein Squares, Don't They?

I am always seeking knowledge and resources so that I can be a better
person and BE BETTER  at making healthy nutrition choices and fitness

BE BETTER Protein Squares
provides you with  a gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and Non-GMO way
for you to snack better and refuel better after a workout! Do you have a
weak spot for chocolate? Be Better will satisfy your craving! Their Be
Better Protein Squares come in a variety of flavors in a dark chocolate

Each flavor is wonderful and has texture that adds a nice crunch to each
bite. CAUTION ... in the extreme heat of the summer, these squares may
melt in your hot car or in your pocket. Keep them in a cool place so you
can enjoy WITHOUT the mess!

I added the Almonds & Hemp Seeds to Chia Pudding (made with light coconut milk). My Chia Pudding was a modification of my Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe.
I used 1 can of LITE Coconut  Milk and added 3/4 a cup of organic chia
seeds. I stirred in the seeds to coat them with the liquid and
refrigerated the mixture for about 30 minutes until the "pudding"
texture formed.

Pictured is ONE cup of Coconut Chia Pudding with a Almond & Hemp
Seed Be Better Protein Square diced into it. This was a great post
workout and teaching 4 classes snack. I was able to refuel on a day when
temperatures neared 100 with this cool, refreshing, and nutritious

Be the best YOU that YOU can Be! Make healthy choices when it comes to food, fitness, and friends! 

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