Gluten Free in Budapest

Gluten Free Travel to Europe

Plan Ahead


Traveling to Europe with food allergies is something that requires planning.  Prior to travel, I have been downloading and printing Gluten Free Travel Cards so that a language barrier does not stop me from communicating my dietary needs to food service personnel. These cards have been a tremendous help!

I pack gluten free snacks for the long flight and trips through the airport. Many airlines will provide gluten free meals on international flights, check with the airlines as you research.


My husband and I seek out vacation rentals so we can have a kitchen to cook. This provides us with the opportunity to prepare gluten free meals and have snacks on hand. Not only is this a "safety net" as it may be difficult to find a plethora of gluten free restaurants in the city in which we are traveling, but it also is a cost savings!

Gluten Free in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city. It has been nicknamed the Paris of the East and the Bangkock of the West.  The Danube flows through the city separating Buda and Pest. The city is busy in the summer as many cruise ships dock and the passengers get out and explore the region. My husband and I found the city very BIKE FRIENDLY but found the cost of bike rentals to be higher than in other cities we have visited. The city has beautiful architecture to explore as well as historical monuments/sites. The market is a wonderful place to explore as well as the caves and thermal baths. 

Below are pictures of the Holocaust Memorial (near Parliament), Parliament at night taken from the Castle, and the Cave Church.

Everywhere you turn in Budapest there is a beautiful building. Along the river you see one beautiful bridge after the next. My husband and I enjoyed visiting Margaret Island, a local getaway in the middle of the Danube. There is even a small zoo on the island!

Gluten Free Cooking

My husband and I enjoyed finding different gluten free products in the store and cooking in our apartment. The vegetables were excellent and we found great pasta and bread too!

This yogurt was excellent ... with fresh fruit and toast!!

The abundance of paprika was a delightful addition to a meal!

Sandwiches always taste better on great bread. Gluten free breads in Budapest were easy to find and high quality.

Gluten Free Dining

PadThai WokBar is a restaurant we visited often. The food was great AND healthy, the prices reasonable, the restaurant had a steady stream of patrons, and the employees were very friendly. The employees went out of their way to teach us simple Hungarian terms to help us with our communication!

Each dish was gluten free, tasted great, and was prepared within minutes! The desserts were a treat too!

Travel with a food allergy requires planning. Do not let a food allergy stop you from exploring a new place. Focus on what you CAN eat. Focus on the CAN and you will have an enjoyable trip and learn invaluable lessons about other cultures! Travel is a great teacher!

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