Hiking, Biking, and Gluten Free Dining on Mackinac Island

May 16, 2018 the Detroit News reported that Trip Advisor named Mackinac Island the hottest US destination for Summer Travel 2018. My family and I have visited the island several times over the years and had a trip planned for this year. Our trip was planned before the story broke. We love the island and this trip was just as magical as past trips. I cannot wait to go back!

Mackinac Island is an ESCAPE

When you take the ferry to the island you leave the hustle-and-bustle of the city behind and enter a quaint island community. Motorized vehicles are limited to emergency vehicles (fortunately we rarely have noticed one!). People get around the island on foot, on a bike (even a bicycle built for two), or on a horse/horse and carriage.

Mackinac Island Activities

Mackinac Island has historic Fort Mackinac that people can visit, an art museum, miles of trails, several shops, and restaurants. Many people golf on the island and bring home famous Mackinac Island Fudge when they return.

Arch Rock (pictured above) is a popular tourist attraction. 

The pace of life on the island is slow; as island life should be! The
homeowners take pride in their property and creating beautiful gardens.

Mackinac Island Food

As someone that MUST adhere to a gluten free diet, Mackinac Island has more restaurants each season that have gluten free options. 

Goodfellows Restaurant has a gluten free pizza crust (and they do not have an up-charge for it either!). We ordered a pizza half vegetarian and half with cheese and pepperoni to meet everyone's needs.

The Village Inn is known for their PLANKED WHITEFISH. Many restaurants on the island try to recreate this dish, but none come close. This dish is gluten free. The menu contains other gluten free dishes and the staff works with you to customize your order if you wish to modify something on the menu. I love this restaurant! They serve generous portions of vegetables with each meal!

The Gate House Restaurant has a large selection of gluten free options. Pictured here are a side of veggies, a chicken sandwich with chips and a hamburger with fries.

Mission Point Resort has many restaurants from which people can choose. Each restaurant offers some gluten free options. Below is a warm chicken salad from Round Island Bar & Grill.

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