I cannot get enough Sun! Can You?

I cannot get enough Sun...SunButter that is!

I cannot get enough SunButter. I spotted the NEW packaging at Sprouts recently and purchased a few jars to replenish my supply. I try to limit added sugars from my diet. Thanks SunButter for helping me achieve my goals!

SunButter not only TASTES GREAT, but is also an American product.


SunButter is made in the USA from sunflower seeds grown in the USA. It TASTES GREAT and is a perfect NUT BUTTER ALTERNATIVE. SunButter is not only NON-GMO Project Certified but also free from the common 8 allergens:

  1. peanuts

  2. tree nuts

  3. milk

  4. eggs

  5. fish

  6. crustacean shellfish

  7. wheat

  8. soybeans

SunButter appeals to a variety of people.

Adults and kids alike will love SunButter. It is a "school safe" product that can be used in lunches or treats for a class. SunButter is a product that people will love, whether they need to avoid eating nuts or not.

SunButter is for more than a "SunButter and Jelly" Sandwich

I recently made a healthy snack using SunButter, pepitas, and hemp seeds (Interstate Bait) on a rice cake. This snack was filled with plant based protein, fiber, and antioxidants. It was a great gluten free, low-sugar pre-workout snack.

I also modified my Power Cookie .... Sandwich Recipe and added SunButter.  This cookie can be made to be a healthy breakfast cookie or snack, or can be made decadent. The stir-ins determine the flavor profile and the purpose. This batch is made with dates to create a GRAB-AND-GO breakfast treat.

You can make the cookie any size ... a larger cookie can be cut in half to create a sandwich. I added SunButter to the sandwich below.

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