Put a ZING in your step

You ARE what you eat

If you wish to maintain an active lifestyle and/or push your body physically you need proper nutrition to make that happen. Hydration and proper nutrition can fuel a workout as well as help you recover from physical exertion.

Zing Bars put a ZING in your step. 

They contain  NATURAL ingredients and are:

  • low in sugar

  • gluten free

  • soy free

  • vegan


taste great and satisfy you for a long period of time. Zing Bars are a
healthy snack that will help fuel your active lifestyle.

Pack a Nutritious Bar

Zing Bars were developed by registered dietitians. They contain high protein, good fats, and good carbs to fuel people who lead active lifestyles. The long lasting energy provided by Zing bars make them perfect to take with you to the gym, on a bike ride, on a hike, or even on a road trip or flight. They are a great snack to bridge the time between lunch and dinner when you include a workout after work or errands you need to accomplish or attending a child's sporting event.

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