Want to feel like a kid again?

Want to feel like a KID again? 

Pack a ZEGO
Just Fruit Bar in your pocket, purse, gym bag, or lunch and have a trip
down memory lane as the taste will remind you of a fruit roll-up ...
done right! I love the Just Fruit Bars as they provide natural sugars to
help fuel my body during a hike, on a flight, or between sweaty
workouts/classes I am teaching. I love the plant based bars as they are:

  • allergy friendly

  • gluten free

  • paleo

  • non-GMO

  • organic

  • soy free

  • dairy free

  • artificial free 

Need another reason beyond taste, texture, health, and nutrition to buy Zego Bars? This small business is also a Certified B Corp and dedicate a percentage of their income to giving back. Support a small business that gives back! Make a positive difference for your health and the community!
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