Microgreens Salad

Those that follow my blog know that I love to start with a blank canvas and add ingredients to create my art.  

My blank canvas today was micro greens found at the farmer's market. 

Starting with my blank canvas, I made a side salad to go with a homemade gluten free pizza for dinner.
The salad was made with a bed of green cabbage, micro greens, nuts,
seeds, and dried fruit.

Micro greens are nutrient rich and packed with vitamins. As the flu season approaches, I am trying to eat as many nutrient dense foods as I can to help my immune system!

Researchers at the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Maryland studied micro greens and concluded the following micro greens had the highest concentrations of four different vitamins and carotenoids:

  • red cabbage

  • green daikon radish

  • cilantro

  • garnet amaranth

For example, red cabbage micro greens are rich in vitamin C, but low in
vitamin E. Green daikon radish micro greens were rich in vitamin E but
low in lutein when compared to the cabbage, cilantro, and amaranth. Cilantro micro greens have the highest levels of leutin and beta-carotene. 

These nutrients not only help fight cancer but are also important for the health and longevity of our skin and eyes.

Micro greens can be grown in small places which makes them idea for an indoor garden in an apartment, condo, or tiny house! They grow quickly; from planting to harvesting it will be 1-3 weeks. Micro greens can be used in a variety of ways including: salads, edible garnishes to decorate a plate, sandwich garnish, or pizza topping.


  • 1 cup diced cabbage

  • 1.5 cups microgreens

  • 1 cup toppings (Here: SuperSeedz Sea Salt, walnuts, and raisins) 

  • Drizzle of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Note: Research from Medical News today.

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