No Bake Protein Bar ... Mix

My New Hope Blogger Box contained No Bake and Easy to Make Vegan Protein Bar Mix by Creation Nation.

This product is delightful! 

Creation Nation PB & Jelly Get In My Belly Mix is FREE FROM :


  • SOY


Creation Nation PB & Jelly Get In My Belly Mix has VARIATIONS:

The package provides you with suggestions to make the base recipe or to make it sweeter or reduce the sweetness. As you know, I love recipes that can be customized so this was definitely the FIRST THING I MADE when I opened my blogger box. This is in my wheel house!

I added almond milk, Sunbutter (Natural), and honey following the original recipe.  I sprayed a glass storage container and refrigerated the bars after I made them. I cut the bars and served after 10 minutes and they held together well.

I cannot wait to try to make this by adding bananas as the package also suggests ... as well as adding a few other variations!

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