Beet Powder ... ADD THE RED

I love beets. I love to prepare beets boiled and roasted. I love to cook beet greens with balsamic and and olive oil.  I fell in love with borscht when I visited Poland 7 years ago. When I was introduced to BEET ROOT POWDER I was ALL IN!

Organifi Red and Nature's Truth make a great powder that can be turned into a beverage. Both products can be added to yogurt to kick start the most important meal of the day. I add 1 TSP of Beet root Powder to Greek Yogurt and fresh berries to start my day when I know I need an extra boost due to a busy, busy, morning. The vitamin boost helps me stay mentally clear and energized to tackle the important tasks I must handle each day.  I tend to "ADD THE RED" once or twice a week to my yogurt.

Formula ... It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Combine 1 TSP Beet Powder with 1 cup yogurt

  2. Add 1 cup berries ( prefer organic raspberries, strawberries, or pomegranate )

  3. Sprinkle with Pepitas, hemp seeds, or gluten free granola

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