Tofu Parmesan

I was at a workshop and found that many of the gluten free options were also vegan options. Combining gluten free with vegan reduced the number of extra meals the catering company had to prepare. This allowed me to try new recipes and learn a few tricks. Tofu is an inexpensive protein which makes this meal a money-saving meal.


Tofu Parmesan is a great take on Chicken Parmesan. I used extra firm tofu which I drained and dried out some (wrapped in a kitchen towel between two plates). The extra step of drying created a firmer texture to the tofu and makes it a bit more chewy. I try to keep the tofu in the towel for 1-2 hours if I have the time...more time will create a firmer "meaty" texture. I cut the block of tofu lengthwise and width-wise to create 4 rectangles.


I preheated the oven to 350 and  placed the tofu on non-stick aluminum foil topped with gluten free pasta sauce. After 20 minutes I added cheese (dairy free or dairy can be used depending on your dietary preferences/needs) and allowed the cheese to melt (about 10 minutes).


I served the Tofu Parmesan with gluten free pasta and a side salad. Each person was given two wedges of tofu; therefore one package of tofu serves 2 people.
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