Gluten Free Pancake Recipes with a Red and Green Holiday Twist

I love recipes with variations, as you can tell. Recipes that are a blank canvas that can be made into the masterpiece of the day based upon what is fresh, my cravings, or a holiday theme.

This weekend I made two of my pancake recipes ... Holiday Style! I added red and green garnishes to create a festive plate.

Try these this holiday season to capture the holiday mood!

I modified my Gluten Free High Protein Pancake Recipe to simplify it. I made a 1:1 ratio of bananas to eggs and created my pancakes. I topped them with organic red raspberries, green pepitas, and walnuts. Pictured above/below is 2 eggs/2 bananas.

I made my Sunday Pancake Breakfast Recipe with a festive holiday color palette. I added fresh pomegranate seeds (red), pepitas (green), and walnuts.

My husband likes to sprinkle honey on his pancakes, I like to drizzle Sunbutter on mine.
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