Reduce Food Waste

Did you know that more than 30% of all of the food grown in the USA is wasted? 

One Solution: Promote Produce's Taste and Nutrient Value, Not the Look

We can LITERALLY make applesauce out of apples or jam out of irregularly shaped strawberries. In February of 2018 NPR had a story about a Netflix Chef named David Chang whose show Ugly Delicious teaches people how to turn ugly produce into culinary delights.

I make applesauce/fruit sauce out of imperfect fruit. My peach sauce recipe is attached here.  I make chia jam out of imperfect fruit too. My berry chia jam recipe is attached here.

In August of 2018 Forbes published an article by Andria Cheng which looks into the issue of retailers throwing away food because it does not "look" good.

People need to celebrate food for its nutrients and flavor. Picture perfect produce can be used on a fruit or vegetable platter. Produce that is misshapen can be used as ingredients in dishes which bring out the flavor and nutrients rather than the appearance of the product. Celebrate nature and its variety.

Plant a garden or cultivate a plant depending on the space you have. You can teach your children, neighbors, or coworkers about how great the food is when you share with them what you grow, even if it is not picture perfect. Start with your circle of influence. Convince them and they will begin to spread the message.

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