Raspberry Infused Muffins

I was looking to create a heart healthy meal and a red inspired dish for Valentine's Day. I decided to use as my blank canvas a packaged muffin mix and add heart healthy red raspberries.

I used as my blank canvas Duinerken Foods Muffin Mix. I substituted plant based products for animal products; I used flax eggs for the eggs the recipe called for and almond milk instead of cow's milk.

To create the red raspberry infusion I filled a muffin tin half full then added raspberries. I covered the layer of raspberries with more muffin mix and topped the mix with a raspberry.

The result was a muffin mix with a crunchy top and a moist interior. The muffins are just the right amount of sweet. Serve them with a raspberry yogurt parfait for a heart healthy Valentine's Day breakfast.

I am a fan of Duinkerken Foods products. They are great blank canvasses that can be customized to create a masterpiece!

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