I Drool for Jool! 

When I came across Jool Chocolate Date Spread at the La Jolla Open Aire Market I KNEW I needed to try the product. It was everything I love in one package! To me, dates and chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly. I am SO happy I tried this product!

You Know You Love A Product When ...

When you open the jar you see something that LOOKS like Nutella, but know that it is not Nutella as it only has THREE ingredients: dates, chocolate, and olive oil. I celebrate a product with no added sugars...the natural sugar of the dates is all you need here!

When you spread the Jool Chocolate Date spread on bread, a banana, a pancake, a waffle, or an apple you are transformed. The rich cacao and the sweet date flavor complement the fruit and pastry and send you on flavor thrill ride. Sprinkle on some walnuts and you get a crunchy delicacy!

So Many Ways to Use Jool Chocolate Date Spread ...

I decided to use Jool Chocolate Date Spread in one of my tried-and-true recipes. I added it to my Power Cookie Sandwich Recipe. I loved the results! I made a batch using dates and cranberries and a batch using dried bananas. Both tasted great ... but the dried bananas were special. The next batch I make, I will use a combination of dates and dried bananas.

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