Sustainability Story for Earth Day

Corporate Sustainability

With Earth Day coming up, I decided to
learn more about palm oil because I have been hearing mixed
reviews about palm oil’s sustainability. I have learned that palm oil has
gotten a bad sustainability rep lately, but most people just don’t know the
whole story. When cultivated with an eye to the environment and the farmers who
grow it, it’s a smart ingredient that can support people and the planet. The
sustainability model created by Daabon in Colombia is one other companies
could mimic. 

Palm Oil Controversy

An August
2018 article by the Independent
noted that palm oil is one of the most
controversial cooking oils for health and environmental concerns.
oil comes from the edible African oil palm tree. Due to increasing demands for
this trans-fat free oil, the tree has started to be cultivated in Asia, North
America, and South America. People gravitate to palm oil as it contains the
antioxidant tocotrienols, a form of vitamin E, known to protect the body’s
cells. Due to popularity, the palm oil industry has grown tremendously.
Environmentalists are concerned about deforestation and habitat reduction due
to the increasing demands for palm oil. The trees live about 30 years but many
are cut down much earlier as the height of the trees makes harvest nearly
impossible. Each time a tree is cut down, there is a ripple effect on the


Daabon Sustainable Palm Oil

In order to protect the environment, we
must be vigilant consumers and look for products that are made from SUSTAINABLE
palm oil. Look no further than Daabon. Daabon has been ranked number one
worldwide by the London Zoological Society’s SPOTT tool in Sustainable Palm
(RSPO). Daabon, a 100 year old family owned company, has been growing and
producing sustainable organic palm oil in Colombia, the second most biodiverse
country in the world, for generations. They are setting the standard for
sustainable palm oil production as they respect and work with nature. They
support and empower small farmers by teaching them innovative techniques to
pass on to help preserve nature and secure a future for subsequent generations.
Their support of the farmers helps drive the local economy.

Read Labels Look for Certifications

Companies that adhere to sustainability
invest time and money into their business practices. Often, as a result,
consumers end up paying more for sustainable products. Sustainability is
evolving. Currently certifications such as USDA and Rainforest Alliance
Certification carry a price tag along with it several years of on-boarding and
continuous assessments. Daabon is the first organic palm oil farm to earn
Rainforest Alliance certification for their sustainability practices. 

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