Control Inflammation with Fruits and Vegetables

Control Chronic Inflammation Through Nutrition

This is part
two in my investigation into how we can control chronic inflammation, a
condition where 
the body’s immune
system doesn’t shut off for some reason and begins to burn out of control,
through our diet. It is
imperative that a remedy for chronic inflammation is found as it
can impede a person’s ability to perform
activities of daily living as well as participate in recreational/fitness

What Foods Will Help Me?

In my last post on the topic I looked into
cooking with healthy fats and snacking on raw nuts and seeds as a means to help
reduce inflammation. You can also get anti-inflammatory phytochemicals from
flavonoids in raw cocoa, tea, and berries; carotenoids in yellow and orange
, and anthocyanins in red fruits and vegetables

When I prepare a
meal at home, I make sure that over half of my plate includes vegetables and
fruits. The remainder of my plate includes gluten free whole grains and a
protein source. 

What Meals Can Utilize These Foods?

One way I enjoy eating a rainbow of vegetables
to help reduce inflammation is when I make a gluten free pizza. I load my crust
with veggies and include a thin layer of cheese. 

A few recipe that are fruit and veggie laden that
can help reduce inflammation include:

Try to fight inflammation with good food
choices before you opt for medications. We are what we eat. Each day we need to
eat to make ourselves the best we can be!

Stay tuned for my next post in the series …
healing through whole grains … gluten free whole grains! 


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Silent Fire: How to Extinguish Chronic Inflammation by Lisa Truesdale

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