Crowning Glory Pizza: King Oyster Mushroom Pizza

Today my blank canvas was a gluten free pizza crust by Udi's. 

After visiting the local farmer's market and purchasing some great vegetables, I decided to make a gluten free pizza and a side salad for dinner. I made a gluten free, vegetarian meal using ingredients sourced at the market and a few from the store. The Udi's crust contains eggs, otherwise the meal would be vegan. Substitute a different gluten free crust for a gluten free, vegan meal. The salad contains greens from my yard as well as raw nuts, raw seeds,  and dried fruit.


1 cup diced oyster or king oyster/trumpet mushrooms

6 cloves of garlic - diced

1 1/2 cup diced onions and vegetables (I used zucchini and sweet potatoes)

Oil to sautee the vegetables (I use oilve or avocado)

1 cup cheese (dairy or non-dairy)

OPTIONAL: crushed red pepper

OPTIONAL: 1/2 cup mashed white beans or hummus







  • Preheat oven to temperature recommended for the crust 

  • Sautee the vegetables until tender (cover with a top to add moisture if desired)

  • Crush the beans if you are using and add a thin layer to the crust (or add hummus)

  • If you are not lining the crust, add the vegetable mixture (removing any excess liquid)

  • Optional .... sprinkle with crushed red pepper for extra spice 

  • Cook in oven until cheese melts and crust slightly browns (check crust instructions as this step is between 10-15 minutes based on crust and depth of toppings. I tend to pile my pizza high with veggies so it takes a bit longer to cook than the package suggestion.

HINT: While the pizza is in the oven I make a salad to enjoy with the pizza if I wish some additional food.


1/2 pizza per person

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