Gluten Free Hope & Sesame Qiche

I did an experiment with my tried-and-true Gluten Free Quiche recipe. I substituted SESAME MILK for almond milk in my recipe and LOVED IT!

Sesame Milk vs Almond Milk Experiment

I used unflavored original Hope & Sesame Milk in the recipe and the swap was not detectable in the texture. I DID NOTICE a slight change in the flavor. Original almond milk (any brand) contains quite a bit of sugar. The use of unflavored sesame milk removed the slightly sweet taste from the quiche that the almond milk provided. I made a second quiche and used original Hope & Sesame and the flavor difference was mitigated. Original Hope & Sesame Milk was a 1-1 match for almond milk in my quiche recipe.

Bottom Line

Quiche is a dish that can take on the flavors of the vegetables that are used in it. The next time I make the quiche I will use unflavored Hope & Sesame if I am trying to lean my dish in a savory direction and the original if I am looking for a sweeter hint in the dish. Hope & Sesame Milk is made from organic sesame seeds. Sesame milk is nutritious, tastes great, and is a better option for the environment as it is made from a drought tolerant crop that revitalizes the soil.

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