Mover Over Pumpkin Spice, Here Comes Peppermint

Peppermint is a
popular flavor during the holidays

The fresh taste of peppermint offsets many
of the indulgent choices people make over the holidays. Peppermint not only
tastes good, but it has health benefits too.

Invokes Nostalgia

Peppermint is a
flavor that brings back feelings of childhood. We all want to return to a
simple time where enjoying a candy cane with your friends afterschool was the
most pressing thing that needed to be done! 

Peppermint Has
Health Benefits

cultures have used mint as a digestive aid to reduce gastric distress. That
tradition has been passed along and is still prevalent today. When you see
peppermint choices everywhere you look this holiday season, consider giving in
to the temptation once-and-a-while. It might just be good for you!

Reduces Daytime Fatigue

Studies have
shown that adults consuming a peppermint oil capsule had less cognitive fatigue
than their counterparts that did not have the capsule. Studies have also shown
that people who are in a room with peppermint oil being diffused are less
sleepy than those in an odorless room.

Peppermint Oil
Reduces Menstrual Cramps

Peppermint is a
proven muscle relaxant. Women who took peppermint extract capsules and those
that took NSAIDs both experienced a reduction in menstrual cramps. Peppermint
is a natural remedy that caused less nausea and diarrhea than pharmaceutical

Unclogs The Sinus Cavity

Menthol, an
active component in peppermint, improves the perception of airflow in the nasal
cavity. Due to its antiviral properties, menthol is known to also reduce
infection-induced sinus clogging.

Calms an Upset Stomach

Studies on
people with gastrointestinal disorders have found that peppermint reduces
frequency, duration, and severity of abdominal paint. 

Decreases Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

acid is a compound found in peppermint, as well as rosemary and other plants in
the mint family. Studies have shown that people and animals who took a
supplement experienced fewer allergic symptoms.

Peppermint …
All Year

flavor can be found 365 days of the year because it not only tastes good but
has health benefits. This aromatic herb in the mint
family is most often used as a flavoring in breath mints and candies as well as
brewed as a caffeine-free tea. The leaves of peppermint contain several
essential oils, including menthol, menthone, and limonene. Menthol is the
extract that provides the recognizable minty scent and cooling effect on taste

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