Is Right Rice Right for You?

I was introduced to Right Rice in my New Hope Blogger Box and have had the opportunity to try two different flavors (spanish and thai curry). I love the versatility of the product, it meets my needs. It is a great blank canvas that can be made into a masterpiece with the addition of a few things!

Right Rice is Simple and Fast

Right Rice is a complete protein so it does not NEED to have anything accompany it to make a meal. I like it as a side dish as well as a main. It is simple to make and can be done 5 minutes after water boils. Many things can be done to make Right Rice just right for you:

  • Stir in nuts and seeds

  • Stir in vegetables

  • Stir in tofu or a protein

  • Stuff a bell pepper

I love to turn Right Rice into a rice bowl for a meal. I layer on vegetables and a protein and have a satisfying meal. Pictured below is Right Rice (thai curry) with tofu strips (sauteed in curry powder and olive oil) and roasted orange bell peppers and zucchini. One package of Right Rice made two rice bowls for dinner.

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