Gluten Free 2020

The market for
gluten foods continues to increase. 

The Gluten Intolerance Group predicts the Gluten
Free Trends for 2020.

Here are 5 of their predictions:

1. The number of
gluten free products will continue to increase

One percent of
the U. S. population has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and nearly 13% of
the U.S. population has gluten sensitivity. With over 40 million Americans
affected, there are eager consumers that are looking for gluten free options.

2. Gluten free
products will be available outside the natural food space

Skin care
companies and vitamin/supplement companies are recognizing that people who
avoid eating gluten need to avoid gluten in all aspects of their life. Not only
does consuming gluten cause GI distress, but also dermatitis.

3. Label
transparency will continue to rise in importance

Consumers are
reading labels and voicing their opinions with their wallets. Companies with
certifications are gaining prominent shelf space and reaching more consumers.

4. The variety of
gluten-free and grain-free flours on the market will continue to rise

continue to develop gluten free flour blends. The grain-based flour blends that
those with Celiac consume are also important in the growing Paleo market. Look
for new flours to hit the market such as apple, banana, coffee, and beet. 

5. There will be a
greater demand for gluten free in convenience foods

heat-and-eat, and prepared foods are popular among consumers. Companies will be
entering the marketplace to fill the needs of the gluten free consumer.


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