Fried Rice is a Quick Meal

Fried Rice is a QUICK meal 

Fried rice is a blank canvas that can be customized based on the ingredients you have on hand. When I make fried rice, I use this basic formula to begin my meal

2 cups left over rice + 2 eggs + 2 cups diced vegetables + 2 TBSP gluten free soy sauce

Onion/shallot/garlic/ginger may be used for flavoring

Sesame oil, peanut oil, or olive oil can be used to satuee the items in the pan

Additional protein can be used (shrimp, chicken, tofu)


Dice vegetables and onion/shallot/garlic/ginger and add to a pan with oil

Sautee protein until thoroughly cooked (or dice left over pieces and add later with the rice)

Shift ingredients to side of pan or wok and cook eggs

Add in left over rice, gluten free soy sauce, and left over protein to integrate ingredients

Make the Recipe Your Own

You can use the left over rice of your choice

You can add flavor via marinated protein or adding additional ingredients

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