JR Date Bar and More

Today I modified my JR DATE BAR RECIPE and added Zego Cranberry Seed + Fruit Blend MIX-INS to the top of the bars for extra flavor, texture, and visual interest!

The original recipe called for:

1 Cup of Dates (I get mine from Futterman Farms) - pitted and diced

2 Cups of Nuts - your choice to use one nut or a mix to create the flavor profile of your choice

1/3 Cup Flavor Ad-Ins

Today I modified the recipe:

2 cups of dates

1 cup of nuts ( I used cashew)

1 cup of gluten free oats 

1 tsp vanilla

NOTE: You may need to add/reduce oats based on moisture content of the dates you are using.


Add 1/2 of the ingredients into a VitaMix or powerful blender/food processor.

Get to a relatively smooth consistency and add the rest. 

Place in a glass Pyrex container, press down to help solidify, and cover.

NOTE: The thickness of the bars is based on the size of the container you use. I made THINK ones today!

Refrigerate for about 1 hour to help the bars set.

NOTE: Just before placing the bars in the refrigerator I added 1/2 cup of MIX-INS to the top of the bars.

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