Banana Bread with a Monk Crunch

 I am a FAN of snacking on nuts. 

Select Harvest just came out with Monk Crunch Almond Snacks and I am enjoying them! 


I like them alone or in a mix with some dried fruit and seeds. 

I like them so much, I decided to find ways to incorporate them into a family favorite, banana bread.

I decided to use some of the Vanilla Monk Crunch in my Gluten Free Vegan Banana Bread Recipe. I diced a cup of Vanilla Monk Crunch Almonds and added them to the batter. 


The result ... a flavorful CRUNCH in the middle of my bread.


 The added texture and flavor added to the bread. I toasted my bread and enjoyed it with some fruit and a cup of coffee for breakfast. 


Hoe do you enjoy Monk Crunch?

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