Bananas and Plants Bread

When I look to try out a new ingredient, I tend to try it out in a recipe I have made numerous times.

 The latest NEW ingredient I discovered is a vegan butter, 

Flora Plant Butter.


 I decided to substitute FLORA PLANT BUTTER (unsalted) for the coconut butter in my Banana Bread Recipe. The result ... a moister banana bread!

I have found there are simple swaps to change a recipe to make it fit your dietary needs. I am adding Flora Plant Butter to that list.


My Favorite Swaps ... to make baked goods vegan

  1. flax egg (1 tbsp flax seeds + 3 tbsp water) ... for an egg
  2. mashed medium ripe banana  ... for an egg
  3. equal parts FLORA PLANT BUTTER ... for real butter
  4. equal parts coconut butter ... for real butter

Now that I have met Flora Butter, I am going to start to use it all the time. 

More recipes to come!

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