Rice Ramen and Me

Stores are filled with many products. When you read product labels to
make a decision about which product is best for you, you may be faced
with a choice. If you have the opportunity to purchase a product from a
company that is B Certified, please do consider making the choice. 


Why purchase from a B Corporation?

B Corporations balance profit and purpose. Leaders of B Corporations
drive a global movement of business being a force for going good. 

Why Purchase from Lotus Foods?

Lotus Foods is committed to organic and regenerative practices in generating more rice from less land while working to preserve genetic biodiversity. Lotus Foods also saves hundreds of millions of water annually, promotes long-term soil health, and works to remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.


How Do I Enjoy Lotus Foods?

I enjoy Rice Ramen from the package ... and enjoy adding to the package. The image you see here is sauteed veggies and pan fried tofu added to the prepared package. My formula for adding to Rice Ramen Noodle Soup is listed below. Enjoy Rice Ramen as packaged, or use the package as your blank canvas and customize the meal based on your flavor profile and appetite when you make it!

2 cups veggies + 1 cup protein + 1 package prepared Rice Ramen Noodle Soup


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