Beans on a Pizza.YES, it IS a THING

People have asked me HOW I incorporate BEANS in my pizza. People have also wondered WHY I incorporate BEANS into my pizza. 

Let's start with the WHY ...

I add beans to my pizza to add nutrients. Beans provide protein, fiber, iron, folate, potassium, and magnesium and CONTAIN LITTLE TO NO trans-fat, sodium, and cholesterol. 


Now the HOW ...

I often take a cup of beans and give them a rough mash and layer the beans on the bottom of the crust. At this point I may add some spices to layer in additional flavors based on the other toppings I will use. 


Pizza with Beans ... Layers of Flavor and Texture

  • After you add the layer of beans to your chosen crust, add the cheese or vegan cheese of choice
  • Follow with sauteed vegetables ( I used onions, garlic, sweet potato, and oyster mushrooms)


  • This time I added raw zucchini spirals for extra texture


  • Top with some additional cheese


  • Press down and bake according to crust directions


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